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oskar's mum, that is profound alternative rock with strong guitar riffs, bass solos and striking female vocals. Founded in 2019, oskar’s mum features lead singer and keyboardist Lena Stoppe, electric guitarist Robert Schmeißer and bassist Sebastian Neubauer.

Releasing their first three singles Sun, Circus and Ibiza in 2020, Sun alone had reached 170,000 Spotify streams by the end of the year. In addition the Thuringia Grammy 2020 acknowledged oskar’s mum with both Special Awards and the “Best Song” Award. Despite Corona, two new singles were released in 2021.

The latter propelled oskar's mum directly in the "BahnhofBeats" finale, hosted by Local Heroes. The first EP "Who the fuck knows oskar's mum?" coming out on 16th September 2022 features six new songs. Subsequently to the release oskar’s mum starts their first tour across Germany and Poland.


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"Who the fu** knows oskar's mum?" out on 16th September -including "River" music video!

Underwater for far too long. Dragged through gravel and mud, hitting rocks like driftwood. But now you have emerged, now you have confidence, cleaving the waters with mighty arms. The deep still pulls on you and on the horizon spray fog shimmers over rapids.

Never mind! You don't swim alone anymore. You got lucky. You found your people, and together you greedily reach out into the stream. What is waiting around the next bend? "You start to feel a shiver!"

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After "Confidence" comes "Luck" -  music video out now as preview on oskar's mum EP!

You've hardly gained some confidence when those around you start whistling your mind again, dragging you down with their negativity. Overnight your self-doubts flutter back, blackening your morning with their screeches.

But remember: Those who belittle you are just insecure themselves. It’s time for new people in your life! "My luck is changing now while you're asleep!"

Wanna hear, see, feel more from us?

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Who the fu** knows oskar's mum?

On Friday, 16th September 2022, the up-and-coming rock band oskar’s mum from Erfurt (Germany) releases their first EP Who the fu** knows oskar’s mum?.

Consisting of three new songs and three that have already been released, the EP will be promoted by a long concert tour across Germany and Poland. It is the band's first step out of the Central German music scene, in which they are already firmly established despite their short existence.

Therefore the new songs Confidence, Luck and River do not simply add to past successes like Sun, but take oskar's mum's rich indie rock to the next level. Who the fuck knows oskar's mum? leaves no doubt that this Band from Erfurt is at the beginning of a very promising career.



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