sweaty underground nights, old mtv sessions, cold water the next morning – this is how we feel. we are maciej, sebb, lena & robert. each of us has been into music since forever.
a real oskar's mum in southern brandenburg, germany (yess, u need to know where that is) gave the final signal to raise our dearest intruments and voices high to come up with our very own indie/alternative rock. since 2019 we've been taken part into too many band contests, the generous spotify game & truly thriving gigs (with some of you lovely people <33) to approach the sound we are - little punkish, futuristic, grungy, meaningful. now PLEASE share this exciting path to our FIRST EP with us coming out this august. there will be definitly little insights before to reach the probably proudest records we've ever done. if you wanna help us tell your mum, friends, oskar, whoever about us, follow us. text us & get oskar's mum stickers & rhymes to support yourself. we're all standing in the same circle. THANK YOU <3



we'd love to answer you and even send some rhymes & stickers.


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